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Bundle up & SAVE with our Ratchet strap Bundle Pack - 10 Ratchet straps, Dynello Clips, Dynello Fastwinder & 2 Cases of Gloves - Click Here
Bundle up & SAVE with our Ratchet strap Bundle Pack - 10 Ratchet straps, Dynello Clips, Dynello Fastwinder & 2 Cases of Gloves - Click Here

Detailers Starter Kit

SKU JH-Detailer-Kit

THE perfect kit for detailers or cleaning enthusiasts so you can try 7 of our most popular products at a bargain price!

Whats Included? 

1 X 5L TYRE SHINE -  Long Life Tyre Shine is designed to leave a superb wet silicone look. It's so easy to apply just use the application pad provided. Our Tyre Shine has been designed by our chemists so that it can endure even the worst conditions and bad weather.

1 X 5L WHEEL CLEANER SUPER - acid-free wheel cleaner contains a powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers to separate the brake dust and road dirt from the wheels on contact. Its high-foaming formula makes light work of a heavy task and will take your rims from shameful to sparkling in a matter of minutes.

1 X 5L WASH & WAX - Wash & Wax Special is a concentrated shampoo and wax all mixed into one solution. This solution lathers extremely well over paintwork, leaving a squeaky clean finish. It is also ideal for hand-washing vehicles. Dilute in a bucket of water at 50:1 for a super foamy wash. 

1 X 5L ORANGE QUICK WAX - Orange Quick Wax is the perfect solution for maintaining your paint’s protection in between regular waxing. This product can even be applied in direct sunlight and leaves no white residue on plastic and trim. Simply mist on and wipe off. So fast and easy that you can wax your car in just minutes! Leaving a gleaming shine. 

1 X 5L CHERRY BLIZZARD SNOW FOAM - A unique PH neutral blend that makes it easier than ever to remove dirt and grime from you vehicle. Making it easier for you when it comes to the wash stage .

1 X 5L CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANER - Use this Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner to quickly and easily refresh and clean your upholstery and carpet fabric. Using our unique concentrated carpet cleaner solution with fabric brighteners you are set to deeply clean and recover the shine and clean appearance of your carpets.


FREE 250ML SAPPHIRE SUPER - Enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces. Sapphire Super adds a protective coating to all exterior surfaces right at the wash stage. Simply wash your vehicle as normal, rinse then apply a fine mist of Sapphire Super to the vehicle whilst wet, rinse very well once again. You will see before your very eyes the instant effects of Sapphire Super-hydrophobic characteristics, that last wash after wash for up to 3 months. Dry your vehicle as normal and you're done, it really is that simple to apply its initial coat, add subsequent top up coats when necessary.