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Steel Framed Garden Cart with pneumatic or puncture proof wheels suitable for loads up to 300Kg

Designed to take the effort out of gardening, easily load it up and pull your goods effortlessly with the 4 large pneumatic wheels. With rack steering it is highly manoeuvrable and won’t tip over when turning tight corners. The 4 large pneumatic wheels not only let you use the cart on all terrain types but it means no lifting is needed, like that of a wheelbarrow. To further assist you in loading and off loading, the sides drop-down to reduce back movement when lifting heavy items such as pots and paving slabs.

Other features are, we have used a powder coat to prevent rust and chipping, we have a ergonomic handle to reduce the chances of blistering, free 3 to 5 day delivery and a year warrantee.

Flat packed for easy home assembly – Spanners will be required