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Route To Net Zero Campaign Launched By Logistics UK

Logistics UK has launched a new campaign - the Route to Net Zero - to encourage its 18,000 member businesses to make commitments to decarbonising their operations as quickly and as urgently as they can in order to help the UK achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, the legal deadline.

A comprehensive policy manifesto is due to be published ahead of the COP26 climate conference, which is taking place in Glasgow in November this year, with members being called upon to work with the organisation to achieve the ambitions set out in the new routemap.

One of the key focus areas for the logistics industry is transport decarbonisation, with the sector fully committed to achieving net zero come 2050.

Other top priorities include commercially viable zero tailpipe technologies for HGVs by the mid-2020s, rapid rollout of recharging and refuelling infrastructure for commercial vehicles and incentives to help overcome higher upfront purchase prices.

It is also focusing on an equitable approach to funding power upgrades for depots, research and investment into multimodal approaches for logistics and devising a clear policy framework to support alternative fuels that can reduce emissions right now.

Members can now get involved by joining the organisation’s Environment Working Group, which will help to inform Logistics UK’s policy on environmental issues that affect the logistics supply chain.

Transport is now the UK’s biggest greenhouse gas emitting sector, responsible for 27 per cent of all emissions. Road vehicles produce the most emissions across the transport sector, with taxis and cars emitting 61 per cent of emissions in 2019, compared to the 18 per cent from HGVs and 17 per cent from vans.

Head of public policy at Logistics UK Michelle Gardner said: “Logistics UK and its members understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are working hard to decarbonise logistics operations; we are pleased to launch this campaign today to support and encourage the industry’s journey to Net Zero.

“A key component of this campaign’s success will be getting the right support from government. Logistics UK will be working in partnership with its members and government to help ensure the right policies, infrastructure, power supply, funding and vehicle markets are in place to realise the logistics industry’s net zero ambition.”

Back in April, the organisation also called for the government to unlock capacity for rail freight services in order to help the UK hit its net zero targets by 2050.

Policy manager of multi modal Zoe McLernon explained at the time that if seven million lorries were taken off the roads each year, rail freight could have a vital role to play in meeting the nation’s decarbonisation targets - but capacity is currently “severely constrained”.

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