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Representatives for the haulage industry have intensified calls for support after it was revealed exports to Europe fell by 68 per cent in January.


The Road Haulage Association has reiterated its calls to help the industry keep moving and provide financial support to owners of haulage equipment who face significant losses as a result of customs complexities.

The chief executive of the RHA, Richard Burnett, sent a letter to Michael Gove, asking for “urgent intervention” to help support critical supply chains as they navigate a new trading and transportation environment that began in 2021.

The letter expresses frustration that the industry has not been listened to and the effect this has had on supply chains, although he did not get a reply from the MP.

According to Mr Burnett, Mr Gove had not responded to any letter the RHA had sent over the last six months.

Many haulage businesses have developed new processes to handle the new bureaucratic requirements needed to trade with the EU and has argued the current rules do not recognise the problems of a skills shortage within the UK.

Mr Burnett also stated that between 65-75 per cent of vehicles which arrived in the UK would return empty due to reduced exports, and has called for a roundtable discussion with industry experts to resolve outstanding issues.

He also noted an issue with customs offices, with only a fifth of the 50,000 extra customs brokers needed to ensure frictionless trade have been hired and are in place.

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