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From March, any 12-tonne lorry driving through London which does not have suitable safety cameras, blind spot mirrors and other haulage accessories could face fines of up to £550 per day.


The new Direct Vision Standard is set to come into force on 1st March, after having been delayed as a result of the current circumstances.

The Direct Vision Standard is a series of rules which are intended to help hauliers driving through Greater London see as much of their surroundings as possible to avoid road accidents.

Any 12-tonne lorry travelling through the capital will need to apply for an HGV safety permit, which will be graded on a star rating from zero to five stars.

From 1st March, vehicles will need at least one star, which will increase to a minimum of three stars by 2024.

For vehicles given zero stars, they will need to have at least the following to travel through Greater London:

  • A Class V mirror on the nearside of the vehicle to remove blind spots.
  • A Class VI mirror on the front of the vehicle.
  • Side under-run protection on both sides to stop cyclists and pedestrians going under the tyres.
  • Warning stickers and markings to ensure pedestrians and other drivers are warned of the dangers.
  • A sensor system that warns the driver of a vulnerable pedestrian, cyclist or other drivers nearby.
  • A warning system that loudly tells other road users when a vehicle is turning left.
  • A fully operational camera monitoring system to remove any blind spots and give a driver a full view around the lorry.

A 90-day grace period is available for some companies who are struggling to meet the standard who apply ahead of the 1st March deadline.

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