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A business group representing the logistics and haulage industry had welcomed a pledge by the UK Department for Transport to spend £50m on setting up electric vehicle charge points as an extension of the Workplace Charging Scheme.


Logistics UK, an organisation that represents logistics businesses and were formerly known as the FTA, called the move a “positive step forward” in decarbonising light commercial vehicles and haulage equipment.

Access to electric charge points has long been seen as a significant barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles, both for domestic use and as part of logistics fleets.

The Workplace Charging Scheme, which is a grant that can pay for up to 40 charge points per premises, is said to be more than enough to cover the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as public authorities.

However, Logistics UK pointed out two concerns it had with the system, in terms of power infrastructure and grants for heavier electric goods vehicles.

The former needs to ensure that the increased demand for electricity does not make the adoption of EVs unviable as there is a need for 3kW sockets that do not diminish, and the latter further helps the logistics industry by encouraging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

This expanded scheme also allows for the construction of more charge points at home, as well as in leased and rented accommodation, which allows hauliers who take their vans home to also charge them, so long as they have a driveway or garage to park their van.

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