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The UK left the EU at 11 pm on New Year’s Eve after 48 years as a member of the Bloc, now becoming a third country for trade purposes and customs declarations, and new documentation and red tape is now required between EU member states and the UK, which is expected to cause massive delays at ports.


While a small number of ships arrived on Thursday evening, they were expected to be covered by the previous arrangements, and the first boats that would face the additional requirements arrived in the early hours on New Year’s Day.

The Independent reports that the president of the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA), Eugene Drennan, said there would be “trouble and chaos” in the coming weeks as systems had not been tested.

“The systems have not been tested, they have not been tried,” he said. “There will be delays, for sure. The mayhem that’s coming in Dublin Port is unbelievable.

“They’ve done nothing to alleviate it. They have a plan that is absolutely nonsensical, and the nature of it and how it is laid out and the structure of it, it is going to cause a lot of grief. There will be trouble and chaos.”

He predicted that there will be issues at ports across Ireland for the foreseeable future, saying that there was no space for drivers to pull up at Dublin ports

Aidan Flynn, general manager of the Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI), said there was going to be a period of “unprecedented change” for the movement of goods and delays were “inevitable”.

He said that while there are no tariffs, there are obligations for red tape and administrative burdens such as import/export declarations and additional checks for products of animal origin.

“Whilst industry has done its best to prepare for it, there’s nothing like dealing with it in real-time and there has not been much time to prepare.”

Mr Flynn added that new year is traditionally a quiet time for freight but he predicted that once goods start moving next week there will be delays.

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