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The transportation industry proved its resilience during the pandemic and has seen one of the strongest recoveries of any sector in the UK according to official statistics.


Whilst every job sector has been affected in some way by the lockdown, haulage has managed a more significant recovery, both in terms of work and in terms of employment, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics.

More recent statistics show that the industry also has amongst the highest percentage of businesses continuing to trade along with the construction industry.

The mobile nature of haulage has helped in this regard, as well as the reopening of business sectors that the haulage industry works in synergy with such as construction, which requires the use of haulage and specific haulage accessories to carry particularly heavy and complex loads.

The construction industry has also recovered strongly, buoyed by pent-up housing demand and a rise in the number of infrastructure projects and repairs that have been carried out since construction sites were re-opened.

The necessity of haulage as a key service had a large deal to do with this as well, as without transportation many other industries would cease to function effectively.

The haulage industry is set to change dramatically over the next decade. In the short term this will be the result of changes in legislation for vehicles entering and leaving the country, but over the decade will involve changes to the vehicles themselves.

Many companies are reducing the production of traditional petrol and diesel engines, with natural gas and hydrogen fuel being touted as replacements.

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