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Government Releases Oddest Reasons For Replacing Vehicle Registration Papers

Whilst there are many important pieces of haulage equipment, possibly the most important to ensure you are driving legally is kept in the glove compartment.

The logbook (or V5C) is a document that indicates who is responsible for registering and taxing a vehicle, from small cars to full-sized heavy goods vehicles, and you need to keep it with you if you travel out of the country.

If you do happen to lose it, there is an easy and quick online process, but the government has recently published some of the oddest reasons why people would need to replace it.

Thankfully, so long as you pay the replacement fee, the DVLA do not care about the reason why.


School Blues

Typically, any important documentation should be kept out of reach of children as much as possible, but sometimes curiosity and necessity override common sense.

Such is the case with one poor parent, who found out their child had covered their school book with, presumably under a layer of sticky-back plastic.

On a related note, plenty of people also gave the classic homework of excuse of claiming their dog ate it as well.


Over Before It Began

Getting a car for your birthday is a wonderful experience, but having to immediately pay £25 to use it because of a well-meaning but costly mistake can kind of temper the experience.

For example, one kind person gave another a car for their birthday, but having apparently run out of wrapping paper decided to wrap the keys in the V5C, which naturally led to it getting torn up.

Car keys, unless they only consist of the fob part, are sharp enough to rip through paper, so do not wrap the keys in anything you need to remain undamaged.


Catch The Wind

There are a few safe places for your logbook, although typically keeping it secure in your glove box is the safest bet if you need to regularly refer to it.

However, if you are going to check it whilst on the move, try to keep the windows closed, as one unfortunate person found out to their horror as the paper flew out of the window, never to be seen again.

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