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A haulage company that specialised in transporting equipment for corporate events and entertainment has shifted to general goods transportation as a result of a wave of cancelled events.


The Bristol-based hauliers took advantage of the high volume haulage equipment they had and security features designed for expensive equipment and have moved into general transportation to and from Europe.

Events-based industries were among the first to be severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and many logistics companies were forced to either adapt or severely downscale to meet challenges that are still being faced.

Concerts were cancelled in huge numbers and with a mix of new trade deals and the effects of the pandemic, many concerts have rescheduled events to later in 2021 and beyond.

Given that large scale events are likely to be among the last restrictions to be lifted, the events industry may face difficulties for a while, so events transporters decided to take action and find work in other avenues.

The trade agreement with the European Union also caused initial issues which led to a slowdown in international haulage. However, for Luke Power-Hippisley and his team, what appeared to be a crisis turned out to be an opportunity.

They managed to work with a customs broker and worked to get ready for the new administrative processes which arose, allowing them to provide services to and from the EU without as many issues.

With major hauliers such as DHL struggling initially to run their usual routes, an opportunity has arisen for other haulage firms to transport heavy goods across the continent.

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