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A group of fifty leading events hauliers, music industry figures and the group Radiohead have published a joint letter to try to ensure UK groups can still tour around the UK.


The letter, signed by representatives from the Road Haulage Association, described the current situation for drivers carrying equipment to concerts as “unworkable” and detrimental to the UK events industry.

Currently, there are strict restrictions on cabotage and cross-trade with the European Union, meaning that drivers who are registered with the UK can only take their haulage equipment to three stops in Europe before being forced to go back.

Considering that popular European tours will often stop at dozens of destinations, it makes a lot of European concert tours all but unworkable.

For orchestral touring, the situation is even more difficult, as specialist trucks are often required to protect expensive and fragile musical instruments.

According to the RHA, the events industry is worth £70bn every year to the UK’s economy and given the prospective demand for events once they are allowed to reopen and people are allowed to travel, supporting the industry in the short term is critical.

The signatories have called for what they call a ‘Cultural Easement’. This is a mutual agreement to reduce cabotage restrictions on hauliers delivering events equipment across Europe and the UK to allow for concerts to continue without debilitating restrictions.

Outside of this, the group is also requesting support in the short term to ensure that haulage companies can continue to trade and have all required paperwork, as well as grants to help some companies create a company based in the EU to help with trade.

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