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Pupils returning back to school on 2 September have found significant changes to their classrooms compared to how things were when they were sent home for the lockdown back in March, with enhanced hygiene practices and enforced social distancing.


However, the Department for Education (DfE) has warned that teaching staff could see a rise in bad behaviour due to the lack of ‘classroom discipline’ and regular attendance during the lockdown, and some schools have issued a warning against ‘malicious coughing’ and making inappropriate jokes about the coronavirus, according to the Guardian.

Pupils heading back to the classroom are going to see themselves being asked to regularly wash their hands the installation of extra handwashing facilities, staggered start and finish times to avoid overcrowding corridors between lessons and to use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving a classroom.

In Hastings, East Sussex, the Ark Alexandra Academy has drawn up a list of ‘coronavirus red lines’ which will result in fixed-term exclusions for pupils should they be breached.

Teachers will be keeping an eye out for ‘deliberate or malicious’ coughs or sneezes, ‘humorous, inappropriate comments or statements’ related to the coronavirus, and ‘purposeful physical contact with any other person’.

In a letter to parents in August, principal Jerome Scafe said: “Any student that needs to have a fixed-term exclusion during the pandemic, will not return to main circulation until a risk assessment and we can be assured that the student will adhere to all our expectations.”

The DfE has said that schools need to clearly state the consequences for bad behaviour, particularly around new movement restrictions and hygiene rules.

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