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This Keg Skate Dolly is designed for use with both 9 gallon and 11 gallon kegs. Thanks to its design, both keg sizes can be held securely in place with no need for adjustment or straps. The external spigots line up with the outside of a standard 11 gallon keg, while the inside spigots fits just inside the rim of a standard 9 gallon keg. 

The Keg skate is constructed of heavy duty steel and then powder coated, giving it a durable and high quality finish. Unlike common other keg skates, the wheels are positioned underneath the keg, reducing the size of the dolly, creating less of a trip hazard around the tight confines of cellars and bars, and creating a slightly higher platform reducing stooping while swapping taps. 

The Keg Dolly is available with a range of wheel options, with standard black crumb rubber as standard, and also white nylon or grey non-marking wheels.


Capacity 200kg UDL
Diameter To suit 9 and 11 gal kegs
Wheel Size 125mm
Wheel Type Solid
Weight 10kg