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TFR Ultra SPECIAL - Super Concentrated Traffic film Remover


TFR Ultra SPECIAL is a super concentrated traffic film remover. a Heavy duty foam TRF but not as faomy as Snowstorm TFR maxi mousse. It's the strongest TFR we offer, used for vehicel fleets prone to thick dirt and grime but needing a brushless solution.

This special formula is 4X more Powerful than our competitors solutions, you won't find another product like this anywhere else on the market.

Easy to apply - can be used in the chemical tank on your pressure washer 2-3% or diluted 1:4 in a pump sprayer for best results.

This product can also be used on the wheels to leave a gleaming shine. You only need to leave this product on the surface for a maximum of 5 mins. It is safe to use with chrome trims as long as you wash it off within of 5 Mins.