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SNEX provides 24/7 fire protection as it:


  • Self detonates in the presence of fire
  • Extinguishes fire in seconds
  • Safe & Easy to use


This is what makes it your first line of defence against fires.
Product is recommended for fire extinguishing and surveillance for the following types of fire:

  • Class A – combustible materials (wood, paper, fabric, refuse)
  • Class B – flammable liquids
  • Class C – flammable gas
  • Class E – electrical equipment
  • Class F – cooking oils

Product Specification: 

  • The weight of extinguishing powder mixture present inside is ~1.2 KG (+/- 10%)
  • Net Weight of the product is 1.250 Kg (that includes the powder inside. +/- 10%)
  • Size: 12.5 X 12.5 X 12.5 cm
  • Activation time: 2-12 seconds with flame (Depends upon the type of fire it is used on)
  • Extinguishes fire in the perimeter of up to 3 cubic meters.
  • Activates in temperature range of -40~+90 degrees Celsius.
  • Snex alerts you when the fire erupts and makes a noise under 120 db when putting out the fire

SNEX can be installed on the wall or simple placed on a flat surface. It can be placed on a shelf, a table or any other visible surface.You can place and carry it in your home, car, caravan or even a boat. The most recommended places to put a fire ball are high fire risk areas such as kitchens, power switches, near fire places or overloaded outlets