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Be prepared for this year’s snow with our all new Rock Salt Fertiliser Drop Spreader; simply fill the hopper with up to 30kg of rock salt, grit or fertiliser, open the flow bar and push across the area you would like to spread.

This spreader comes equipped with an adjustable cable controlled lever placed near the handlebars, this is used to adjust the flow bar, adjusting the flow rate of the salt, seed or fertiliser that exits the spreader; pull it fully back to cut off flow or push forward to release it all.

No motors or batteries are required for this salt spreader as by simply pushing it forward and opening the flow bar allows the salt to fall at a steady rate in a uniform line under the barrow.

This barrow is perfect for your paths, driveways, school courtyards and playgrounds, parking lots and much more. It is also perfectly suited to reseeding a garden/field as its uniform dispersal pattern makes reseeding the ground with grass seed/crop seed a breeze.

Product Features:
Maximum Load Capacity: 30Kg
Cable controlled flow adjustment
No motors or batteries required
Flow bar mechanism disperses an even line of rock salt/grit/seed
Two solid wheels allows for greater grip, stability and control in snowy/icy/muddy conditions
The plastic pan and galvanised steel frame ensures this product is perfect for storage outside and in damp conditions.

Colour Black
Tray Material Plastic
Max Load Capacity KG 30
Pre-Assembled or Boxed Boxed
Puncture Proof Yes
Wheel Type Available Solid
Wheel Type Solid
Max Overall Length 810mm
Handle Height 830mm
Handle Width 710mm
Tray Height 260mm
Tray Width 585mm
Tray Length 270mm