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This Aluminium Sack Truck is fitted with pneumatic wheels and dual handles, making it easier to push and pull depending on what size and type of load you are carrying. The dual handle design also allows the sack truck to be manoeuvred using either the two handles with the red hand protector grips or by using the top of the sack truck, depending on the load being moved.

The toe plate is fixed, but it is of a good size meaning that a huge variety of items can be moved without any problems.

This sturdy and well-made truck also features plastic skids that allow the sack truck to be tipped backwards and loaded more easily. The skids also allow for use on stairs or over kerbs, when descending the stairs the skid will run along the edge of the stair and prevent the load from dropping, the skid acts in a similar way to a ski would to smoothly move down from stair to stair, meaning that this truck is suitable for occasional use as a stair climber sack truck too.

Max Load Capacity – 150
Loading Plate Size – 21 x 30cm
Wheel Information – Diameter – 250mm
Material – Aluminium Frame
Tyre type – Pneumatic