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This P handle design of this sack truck has been optimized for both durability, strength and accessibility, the bar running down the middle of the truck adds additional support, this plus the fixed toe means it can carry very large loads (up to 150KG).

Not only does the middle bar add strength to the sack truck but the specially design p handle also allows for one hand control meaning the user has one hand free to open doors. We strongly recommend the P Handle Sack Truck for delivery drivers or any other jobs where you will need to open doors while moving your items, such as an office in or warehouse.

The use of aluminum on this sack truck is very lightweight and is resistant to rust, bending and chipping. As mentioned before the P Handle means this truck is great for using with one hand, however it also allows for easier pushing/pulling and turning, the pneumatic wheels also means that this sack truck can be easily pulled across rough terrain and uneven surfaces.