SCREEN – Recycled Pin Board Safety Screen – Portrait

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Environmentally friendly safety screen, perfect for social distancing partitioning in schools, shops, offices and factories to help prevent viral spread via droplets or aerosolisation.

Studieshave shown that coronavirus can be detected on hard shiny surfaces such as plastic and glass for upto 8 times longer than on porous, absorbant surfaces such as paper and cardboard, meaning they need to be cleaned thorougly and frequently.

Sundeala SD board is made from 100% recycled paper fibres and is highly porous as well as being extremely durable and robust. It is a practical, environmentally friendly way to assist with social distancing and can be pinned with informational and/or decorative posters, signs and paper.

  • 1800mm wide x 1370mm high


  • Fire Rated to BS EN 13501-1


  • Manufactured in the UK from 9mm Sundeala SD Board


  • Fully circular product – made from recycled materials and recyclable in the UK at the end of life


  • Durable and hardwearing


  • Can be repurposed once no longer required as art canvases, stage scenery, materials for STEM activities and much more.