Sack Barrow With Mesh Back


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The Sack Barrow With Mesh Back is fitted with traditional style cow horn handles mounted on a frame with a mesh back. The sack truck frame consists of three main parts, and any part of the sack truck can be swapped out and replaced if your requirements change, saving you from buying a whole new sack truck, and meaning you can build the perfect truck for your needs.

These sack trucks are constructed from heavy duty 30mm angle iron, which gives a remarkably rigid frame for a long life without the risk of bend, buckles and breaks. Fitted with a 20mm solid axle and supplied as standard with pneumatic tyres on a bolted steel centre to enable the changing of tyres to be a simple job. Topped off with a fully cased ball bearing to reduce effort. You can swap the tyres to polyurethane foam which will never puncture and not only will last until you wear them to the rims, but also offer the additional safety benefits of ensuring that your staff are not responsible for keeping the air pressure correct, thus ensuring that the load doesn’t lean. The mesh back is great for moving both very large or very small loads.

Capacity 270KG UDL
Height 1220mm
Width 560mm
Toe Plate Length 350mm
Toe Plate Width 450mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

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Fixed Toe Plate 220mm, Fixed Toe Plate 250mm, Fixed Toe Plate 350mm, Fixed Toe Plate 450mm