Pneumatic Wheel Sack Truck – 200kg Capacity


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This a very popular sack truck, not only for its amazing price but the fantastic features it packs too.

It boasts a whopping 200kg load capacity allowing for even the heaviest of things to be moved at a breeze. The fixed toe plate means you can simply pick up and go, no fussing around. It also means extra sturdiness as the fixed toe plate is extremely reliable and the welding of it is of top quality.

This sack truck also offers an extremely strong steel construction so you know you know it will last whatever you put it through. As well as great build quality, the pneumatic wheels also allow for this truck to be used over any rough or uneven terrain, great for warehouses. No need to worry about your hands blistering after hauling those boxes around either, the rubber grips offer an additional bit of comfort for those extra long days.

This is a marvellous truck that offers high specification at a very competitive price.

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Wheel Type

Pneumatic, Puncture Proof (+£17.00)