Pneumatic Wheel Sack Truck 2-in-1 250kg Capacity


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This sack truck can be used as a traditional upright hand truck or as a platform truck in a horizontal position. It is fitted with pneumatic wheels making it suitable for use on rough terrain. Pneumatic wheels are air-filled meaning they absorb the worst lumps and bumps when going over uneven ground, so this truck is ideal for use on all surfaces. The 2 in 1 sack truck is a great idea if you have a few jobs that you’d like to do, but only want to have one truck. The major advantage of a platform truck is the size of items that can be carried.

The tubular steel framework is strong and means that the truck has a loading capacity of 250kg. The sack truck can be quickly and easily converted between different configurations, so there is no great set-up time. This is one of our most popular trucks thanks to its versatility and high load capacity. It is used widely in both domestic and professional environments, with many customers coming back to buy more as their business expands.

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