Magliner Aluminium Sack Trucks – Bottled Water Trolley 5 Bottle


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Aluminium Sack Trucks from Magliner, to carry up to 5 x 20 or 25 litre water bottles. The folding bottle trays nestle into the back of the sack truck when they are not in use allowing the sack truck to be used as a standard truck. Part of the modular design range so it is possible to change the handles, plates or wheels to suit your application or your operators.  The Magliner range of sack trucks provide lightweight construction with unrivalled build quality. The fully modular design reduces overall life cycle costs, while the choices available in design mean that you can provide a sack truck which is tailor made for the job and the operator.

Item Measurement
Capacity 254 KG
Height 1250 mm
Width 520mm
Toe Plate Length 350mm
Toe Plate Width 300mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

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