Anti Virus Fog Deodorising Machine and Fog San Odour Fogging Agents



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With this package you will receive:

1 x Fog Deodorising Machine
1 x Anti Virus 5L Odour Fogging Agents (enough to do approx 20-30 vehicles OR 20-30 MEDIUM SIZED ROOMS)

-The Fog produced is 1-3 Microns.

– The capacity of the chemical reservoir is 400ml and 400ml of fogging liquid will sanitise 20-30 cars.

The best method is to fill the car with fog and then leave it to dissipate ( Normally for 15-20 minutes) for all the fog to absorb fully into the fabric and leather.

The Fog Thermal Deodorising Machine is a unique form of sanitising and deodorising that totally eliminates all foul odours including tobacco, smoke, milk/food spills, urine, vomit, mould, mildew, pet smells etc. Plus, at the same time our special agents attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores in it’s path replacing them with a long lasting freshness and leaving you with a much cleaner, safer environment.

The Fog machine is suitable for vehicle deodorising.

The bottles of fluid included with this unit will treat approx 20-30 vehicles OR 20-30 Medium Sized Rooms.

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Cherry, Lemon, Teatree & Pine, Bubblegum, Unfragranced, Springfresh


None, Lemon, Cherry, Teatree & Pine, Bubblegum, unfragranced, Springfresh