Firechief XTR 6L Foam Fire Extinguisher (A & B fires)


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Firechief 6 Litre Foam Spray, BSI Kitemarked, BS EN3 Certified
Fire rating 21A/183B
Comes complete with wall bracket
Designed for A, B fires only, not for use on oil or fat fires (Class F)
Spray nozzle
Squeeze grip operation
Corrosion resistant finish
Internal Polyethylene lining
Kitemarked to BSEN3
Cylinder height: 444mm
Overall height: 540mm
Cylinder Diameter: 162mm
Overall width (inc hose): 310mm
Filled weight: 9.6kg
Foam spray extinguishers, (AFFF – Aqueous Film Forming Foam), are ideal for multi-risk situations where both Class A combustible materials and Class B flammable liquid risks are likely to be found, or where Class B risks present a direct hazard. Foam spray extinguishers are especially suitable for Class B fires involving flammable liquids such as oils, spirits, greases, fats and certain plastics. The blanketing effect of foam spray gives rapid flame knock down which smothers the flame and thus prevents re-ignition of flammable vapours by sealing the surface of the solution.