Firechief 5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher – B Fires


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This Co2 extinguisher has a non conductive, anti static horn and is suitable for situations involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards. Co2 is harmless to delicate equipment and materials. Ideal for modern office environments, all electrical risks and where oils, spirits, solvents and waxes are in use.
Squeeze grip operation
Fire Rating 70b
Filled weight 11.43kg
Range of throw >4m
Duration of discharge 14 seconds
BS EN3 approved
Working pressure 56 bar
Corrosion Resistant finish
5 Year Guarantee
Harmless to machinery
Cylinder height: 580mm
Overall height: 670mm
Cylinder Diameter: 160mm
Overall width (inc hose): 360mm
Filled weight: 13.8kg