Dynello Accu Winder


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Efficient and proven strap winder tool for your Drill.

Dynello Accu Winder is the ultimate accessory for the Drill to wind up your ratchet straps!

With this tool you can use any drill to wind your straps. Dynello Accu Winder has an Ø10 bit that fits in most drills. Adjust the torque of the screwdriver and control the speed of winding – a winding can take place in less than 7 seconds!

Dynello Accu Winder is made of stainless materials and is designed for hard and long-term use. The tool’s low weight, at 350 grams, makes it easy to use in a longer period of time. Perfect for rewinding ratchet straps and webbing slings where a good order is desired.

Dynello Accu Winder is CE certified according to EU legislation.

One of a kind tool ready for your store

Dynello Accu Winder is a proven and efficent accessory for winding of straps for your drill. The simple design makes it a childs game to use and the tool will save you thousands of hours with ratchet strap handling. The tool is capable of several types of winding tasks in multiple industries, and therefore an indispensable tool for every assortment that already have cargo securing products.

The Dynello Accu Winder package includes: The tool, user manual and one free sample of Dynello 1Clip.


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