Drum & Cylinder Moving Sack Truck For Hospitals


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  • Capacity
  • Height
  • Width
To Suit Load
  • Toe Plate Length
50% of Diameter
  • Toe Plate Width
50% of Diameter
  • Wheel Size
  • Wheel Type
Solid, Pneumatic or Polyurethane

This Unique Drum or Cylinder mover for hospital gases is great for Gas Bottles, in fact any cylindrical item, The back of the truck has a unique “easy lower” system which runs gliding tubes to assist with the smooth tilting back of the load, and then holds it in a comfortable working position at 45 degree, seriously reducing the manual effort needed to operate the truck, the additional 2 rear castors make moving even the heaviest load remarkably simple reducing effort and the risks of wrist and shoulder injuries. The curved back cradles the load safely to eliminate any risk of the gas bottles rolling off the hand truck . The back is tailored to suit the size of the roll or cylinder that you are handling so please call the sales team for help in finding the exact product that you need.

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Dimensions 1300 mm