Bad Boy All Purpose Trolley


4 sides - hinged/removable 4 sides - hinged/removableNo Sides No Sides
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The Bad Boy All Purpose Trolley with Sides and Pneumatic Tyres is a brilliant cost effective solution for moving pretty much anything anywhere. With its removable sides which will also hinge downward to enable loads larger than the trolley to be moved. Even though the trolley will carry in excess of 400kg, the overall unloaded weight is only 41kg. This trolley comes as standard on pneumatic tyres but now also available on puncture proof foam tyres. Choose from the differing styles of this truck by adding or removing boards and sides depending on your application.

Item Measurement
Capacity 400KG
Bed Length 1235mm
Bed Width 615mm
Overall Height 1035mm
Base Height 400mm
Wheel Size 325mm
Wheel Type Pneumatic

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4 sides – hinged/removable, No Sides


18mm Weatherproof Ply, Standard Base