6000Kg Round Sling


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Flat Webslings are available up to 30 Tonne lifting capacity

They are manufactured from a single length of 100% polyester webbing

High Strength of Weight Ratio

Wide choice of lifting modes

Lifts smooth objects without damage

Anti-cut and anti-abrasion protection available

Postioned correctly the sling wears evenly along its life

Manufactured and labelled in accordance with BS EN1492-1:2000

Standard Safety Factor 7:1

Wide usable temperature range -40° C to +180° C

Standard stock sizes shown, other sizes and formats manufactured to order

WLL- 4000
Duplex width – 120mm
Straight Lift (mode factor 1.0) – 4000
Choke Lift (Kg) (mode factor 0.8) – 3200
Parallel to 7° (Kg) (mode factor 2.0) – 8000
Parallel to 7° – 45° (Kg) (mode factor 1.4) – 5600
Parallel to 45° – 60° (Kg) (mode factor 1.0) – 4000

Additional information

Working Length

2M CIRC –   1M, 3M CIRC – 1.5M, 4M CIRC –   2M, 5M CIRC – 2.5M, 6M CIRC –   3M, 7M CIRC – 3.5M, 8M CIRC –   4M, 9M CIRC – 4.5M, 10M CIRC –   5M  , 11M CIRC – 5.5M, 12M CIRC –   6M, 13M CIRC – 6.5M, 14M CIRC –   7M, 15M CIRC – 7.5M, 16M CIRC –   8M, 17M CIRC – 8.5M, 18M CIRC –   9M, 19M CIRC – 9.5M, 20M CIRC – 10M