1 tonne 2.9 metre lift electric straddle stacker



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This 2.9 metre lift electric straddle stacker is an economical full-electric straddle stacker with a rated capacity of 1000kg and maximum lifting height 2.9m.

The compact and light design is suitable for a variety of low duty applications in the warehouse.

  • Built in charger with UK 3pin plug
  • Battery discharge indicator with automatic cut off function for higher battery life
  • 4 wheel design with side tiller for higher stability and perfect viewing
  • Lifting Capacity: 1000kg
  • Minimum Fork Height: 90mm
  • Lift Height: 2840mm
  • Lowered Mast Height: 1950mm
  • Extended Mast Height: 3420mm
  • Height of Tiller in drive position: 785/1300mm
  • Axle Loading, Laden front/rear: 786/970kg
  • Axle Loading, Unladen front/rear: 530/226kg
  • Service Weight: 756kg
  • Load centre: 600mm
  • Length of face to forks: 688/700mm
  • Turning Radius: 1485mm
  • Aisle Width for Pallets 1000 x 1200 crossways: 2341mm
  • Aisle Width for Pallets 800 x 1200 lengthways: 2300mm
  • Energy Consumption acc. to VDI cycle: 0.73 kWh/h