1 tonne 2.5 metre lift straddle stacker



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  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Lifting Height Max.: 2500mm
  • Lifting Height Min.: 70mm
  • Fork Length: 915mm
  • Fork Width: 100mm
  • Outer width of forks: 220mm-850mm
  • Base Legs I.D.: 915mm-1220mm
  • Base Legs O.D.: 1100mm-1370mm
  • Overall Length: 1420mm
  • Overall Width: 1100mm-1370mm
  • Overall Height: 1770mm
  • Load Center: 500mm
  • Rear Caster Dia.: 180mm
  • Front Wheel Dia.: 127mm
  • Rear Wheel Dia.: 180mm
  • Wheel Type: 2 Rigid,2 Swivel
  • Shipping Weight: 400kg
  • Hand and Foot Pump Operation

Suitable for EURO, CHEP and UK sized pallets when loading from narrow edge only

Our Hydraulic Stackers make moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler and quicker. We offer rugged & reliable stackers; Stackers are a step up from the traditional Pallet Truck and take the burden out of lifting pallets as well as moving them. They are an economical alternative to a forklift truck and – because of their smaller size and weight – can be used in smaller spaces. Ideal for warehousing and light manufacturing applications.