1.5 tonne four way pallet truck 540 x 1150



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  • Top class range of pallet trucks with excellent design
  • Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores, warehouse and factory plants
  • Reliable, sturdy and torsion resistant due to its extremely strong , high quality steel profile and Wagner painting system which ensures the best powder coating and paint quality.
  • All pivot points are greased to ensure excellent maneuverability with effortless steering. The chromed bearing brushes and joints ensure quiet running and long service life.
  • Special 4 directional movement capability providing the flexibility to manouver wide loads through standard aisles.
  • The additional set of wheels allows pallet truck to be moved sideways in addition to the conventional forward and back direction
  • With all the features and qualities of our AC model standard hand pallet truck