1.5 tonne 1.6 metre manual stacker with foot pump



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  • Capacity: 1500kg
  • Min.fork height: 85mm
  • Max.fork height: 1600mm
  • Min.mast height: 1980mm
  • Size of fork: 160mmx60mm
  • Length of fork: 1150mm
  • Width of overall fork(fixed): 550mm
  • Radius of gyration: 1380mm
  • Weight: 260kg
  • Fork rollers: 74mmx70mm
  • Steer wheel: 180mmx50mm
  • Overall Width: 700mm
  • Overall Length: 1620mm
  • Hand and Foot Pump Operation
  • Suitable for EURO and open boarded pallets

Our Hydraulic Stackers make moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler and quicker. We offer rugged & reliable stackers; Stackers are a step up from the traditional Pallet Truck and take the burden out of lifting pallets as well as moving them. They are an economical alternative to a forklift truck and – because of their smaller size and weight – can be used in smaller spaces. Ideal for warehousing and light manufacturing applications.