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Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its three zero-emissions trucks that are set to be put into production as early as next year, in a bid to provide more environmentally sustainable haulage equipment.


The three trucks are set to use hydrogen fuel cell and electric battery technology to reduce the carbon cost of long haul transportation and aim to provide a long term sustainable future for the industry, according to Mercedes-Benz Trucks in a press release.

The first to be unveiled, the eActros, is aimed at the heavy urban distribution market and is set to be released in 2021 with an electric range of over 200km.

The next of the line released is the eActros LongHaul in 2024, which is set to have a range of 500km for more long haul routes.

The final of the trio set to be released is the GenH2 Truck later in the decade, which uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to provide a range, Mercedes claim, of over 1000 kilometres.


There is a divide between two future alternative fuel technologies to replace the extensive use of fossil fuels in logistics.

 Electric batteries rely on a chemical reaction and are often quite bulky at the size they need to be to power a haulage vehicle. On the other hand, they can be charged anywhere with an electricity supply, and the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles has expanded

On the other hand, hydrogen fuel cells are also zero emissions but use a fuel cell that can be replenished far quicker, however, there are concerns about how green the extraction process to get hydrogen fuel is relative to charging batteries directly.

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